Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tiger Lily


- "My name is Tiger Lily, and I am the mother of Wendy Kitty only in the biological sense."

- "Seeing as I'm the matriarch in the family - 18 years old - I pretty much rule the roost around here."

- "I have been known to chase big dogs."

- "I love drinking from the bathroom faucet, and often answer only to the name Kitty Girl."


- "My favorite word to say is 'Mom' every night. I meow it very LOUDLY during the night."

- "I have been known to give birth in the grass catcher of the lawn mower and underneath the couch. When Wendy and I had litters at the same time, we swapped some of our kids."

- "At our old house, I loved to lie in the upstairs bedroom window even though I fell out of it all the time."


- "I adopted my family myself. I was stuck up in a tree, injured, and decided on a whim not to leave. The people there fed me and gave me shelter, yet all expected of me was to sleep the day away. I thought it a great place to live the best life a cat could ever have, and so I still stay put."




- "I am unique in that I have Hemingway claws; that would be extra toes, just as Hemingway's cats possessed."

- "I love sleeping in the laundry basket, and since I'm a cat of many years, Mom lets me sleep in it all the time now. She even placed it at the side of her bed, layered with bunches of comfy blankets."

(Sunday; June 24, 2012)

We Miss You, Kitty Girl! XOXOXO


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Medieval Muse said...

Goodness, me, Kitty Girl is the most awesome cat ever!!!