Tuesday, August 16, 2011



- "My name is Westley, and I've been told that I was the most handsomest canary in the world! I flew to Rainbow Bridge several years ago, but still Kristin misses me very much."

- "I was named after the hero in the fairytale, The Princess Bride."

- "I love to sing! I used to sing so loudly during the day that even if the cats weren't around, the bedroom door had to be shut. Not only did I sing beautiful birdie opera, but I danced as well!"

- "Kristin had a fond nickname for me. I was her Sweet Little Westley Prince."

- "My favorite music to trill along with were the soundtracks to Moulin Rouge and The Phantom of the Opera."

- "Briefly, Kristin's niece and nephew adopted a canary. In honor of me, they named him Westley the Second."

- "As you can tell from the picture below, mine and Mommy's bedroom was very girly. And while even my food and water dish were pink, I really didn't mind much because I was far too busy practicing my arias and latest dance moves."



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