Friday, August 12, 2011



- "My name is "Fievel," and I'm a bluebird fledgling which Kristin and her Mom rescued. My sweet mother, Rose, passed away so Daddy took care of me and my siblings all on his own."

- "My name translates as 'brilliant one' and compared to my siblings I was tiny. If I had been born a girl, Kristin says she would have named me 'Thumbelina.'"

- "Since Daddy - whose name is Duncan - wasn't feeding me enough to survive, my human family took over. They cared for me until I was strong enough to fly on my own."

- "On my first adventurous day of flying, Kristin and her Mom were very sad and worried for me. That evening I came back to their house to show off how gifted I was at this flying business. I even brought Daddy, my brothers and sister with me."

- "Click here to look at a few videos of me, and if you want to see pictures of my parents click here and here."


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