Saturday, August 20, 2011

Maddie Kate Scarlett O’Hara

- "I was adopted from the Humane Society in June 2003. I was given a new name, as my old name... 'Penny'... did not compliment my amiable personality. Henceforth, my handle became Maddie Kate Scarlett O'Hara."

- "I love to sleep on pillows. Before we moved, my favorite resting spot was on the cat's window perch."

- "Daily, Kristin admires me. She loves all the pretty fluff on my chest. I even volunteer to be groomed before Izzy now, all so that Kristin can tell me how beautiful I am."



- "I share a birthday (Nov 13th) with Kristin's favorite Scottish actor, Gerry Butler. "

- "When I was brought into the family, I desired to have a playmate desperately, for the cats had nothing to do with me. But now – with the wild Isabelle Rose as my new ‘sister’ - I desire more alone time. Puppies are exhausting."

- "I love everyone in my family equally. I often go from room to room throughout the house to check on them."

- "I am very unique in that I am such a sassy furkid. I sway my hips when I walk, but when I'm in need of a human's services I forcefully nudge my nose under their arm; like a bottlenosed dolphin, they tell me.... whatever that is."



- "At the old house we had many possum visitors. I used to be afraid of possums, but in the end I never failed to tell my family when one was outside trying to drink from the bird bath or eat all the wild birdseed."

- "My stuffed animal toys I love to bathe just as I would my own babies, had I ever had them."

- "Daily, I'm told that I have the prettiest smile in the whole wide world!"


- "When my family comes home after running errands, I'm so glad of their return that I instantly start squeaking my toys. My favorites are the rabbit stuffed animals."

- "When I was adopted I was a very, very quiet furkid. I was afraid of strangers, and my new family even thought I had been de-barked by my previous owners. But then one day I came out of my shell after discovering that I really was quite the fearless guard dog after all. My family says I've been making up for my previous silence ever since."

- "I love playing games of fetch, snapping at flying insects, and taking my family out for walks. I find exercise to be very important for my humans, and I do love sniffing that fresh air while out for an evening stroll!"





Jeri Landers said...

You know what honey, you Do have the most beautiful smile in the world! And I don't blame you for being afraid of Possums, those little devils will not stay out of our cat food dishes!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I have just come across your blog and I love it! Thanks so much for taking the time to share!

Have yourself a great day...and stop by to visit with me too if you like, my 'screen' door is always open to creative types.

Ciao Bella!
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