Friday, August 19, 2011

Lady Isabelle Rosie Cotton


-"My name is Lady Isabelle Rosie Cotton, though my family calls me Izzy most of the time. I was born February 3, 2007 and was adopted very early; April 15, 2007. When I'm getting into mischief I'm called Monkey Butt and IzzaMagoo."

- "I am really, really obsessed with Wendy (and Kristin). I want the cat to play with me sooo badly, but my family keeps telling me that will never happen."

- "While it's true that I only weigh 5 pounds, I do play with the big dogs. Okay… so I play with ONE big dog, which would be Maddie Kate. We play really rough together. When wrestling, I think Maddie sometimes lets me win. She lets me win because I wear her out easily."

- "The picture below was taken the moment I was brought home. As you can tell, I'm very fond of Nanny's flowers."


- "I love to eat cat food." (Maddie taught me that).

- "I love sleeping on pillows." (Maddie taught me that, too).

- "I am fascinated by birds. I watch them flying overhead all the time, and even chase them away from the bird bath and flower bed."

- "When I was a puppy, I enjoyed playing in my water dish, splashing water all over the place. I no longer do that, as I don't think Kristin likes it much since she fusses at Wendy for it all the time."

- "I love to dive my nose into the very bottom of my food dish, only eating the vegetables."

- "I’m famous around here for my toothy grin. It makes my family laugh... and laugh... and laugh."



- "I am a very loud yawner when sleepy. My family thinks it's very cute, so I keep doing it. (Maddie taught me that humans like it when their furkids are cute). I even yawn when I get very excited."

- "When playing inside the garden, I love to pull off rose petals with my teeth and then roll on top of them."

- "My favorite stuffed animal toy is my raccoon! Everyday I'm careful to hide it where no one but me can find it."

- "My family is always saying I'm very wild and mischievous. Kristin says God made me cute for a reason - whatever that means."



- "I could easily be mistaken for Maddie’s daughter. We look very much alike, and have even adopted each other's habits and mannerisms."

- "When in the backyard, I like to hop like a bunny rabbit over the leaves and any tall grass. Kristin thinks I'm confused, but I think hopping is just fun!"

- "My favorite game in the whole wide world is to tug on Kristin's robe with my teeth and then let her drag me around."

- "I behave like a cat a lot of the time; as in the way I sneak up on Maddie - back arched and walking ever so s-l-o-w-l-y towards her - and then pounce on her when she least expects it. It's great fun! I also bathe my face just as a cat does."



- "Whenever I want a toy or rawhide that Maddie has, I start acting all submissive by lying on my back. If that doesn't work... I stand up, very gently place my paw on her head, and then stare straight ahead without making a sound or looking at her. Maddie usually ignores me for 2 or 3 minutes, but then she lets me have whatever I want."

- "When someone's cooking and the timer on the stove starts to beep, I never fail to bark and tell my mother that dinner is ready."

- "Even though I'm obsessed with Wendy Kitty, I'm learning not to trust her. Whenever Wendy just sticks her paw out when I'm next to her, or is purposely blocking a room that I want to go in, I become so frightened of her possibly scratching me that I... well, my family calls it 'freaking out.' All I know is I get scared. Even when Wendy doesn't do anything, but I THINK she will, I start yapping and screaming at her so loudly that Maddie comes to my rescue. She tries to scare Wendy away, but so far the cat just stares back at her."



Medieval Muse said...

How totally cute is that? Love the cat & dog smooch:)

Petra Brown said...

What a fluffy little darling! So sweet!